The Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad

“The Belfast and Moosehead Lake by Joey Kelley is a well-researched book on the history of one of Maine’s most iconic short line railroads. The story and images tell the rich story of a railroad that was intimately tied to the communities it served and is a must read for anyone with an interest in the history of New England’s railroad or Downeast Maine. At just $14.95 it’s also an inexpensive addition to your bookshelf. Well worth the price.” -Justin Franz

An unforgettable ride through the 150 year history of the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad. Chartered in 1867, the railroad’s original charter was to run all the way from the Maine coastal town of Belfast, to the shores of Moosehead Lake in Greenville. Cut off from building outside of Waldo County, the 33 mile railroad was owned by the towns it served. The railroad survived two world wars, increased competition from trucks, the erosion of the poultry industry and went into the passenger excursion business to survive. The only railroad in the United States to import a Swedish steam locomotive in the 1990s, the Belfast and Moosehead Lake was the home of the largest operating steam locomotive in the state of Maine for nearly two decades. Currently operated as a non-profit, this railroad survives through dedicated volunteers. Entering its 150th year in 2017, this railroad is the only railroad in the State of Maine still using its original name.

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